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On this page you'll find everything regarding our Endpoint Security solution. Should you miss anything, please don't hesitate to contact our support directly. Alternatively you can send a support query via our website.

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Frequent questions & answers

Where can I download the endpoint security software?
The installer-link you will find in the Welcome e-mail. If you haven’t received any e-mail or if the link is no longer valid, please contact our support for further assistance.

What happens if a virus is found on my computer?
By default, suspicious files will be placed in a quarantine. Infected files or files containing other threats will be cleaned immediately. Custom settings can be defined per device, e.g. to delete suspicious files right away.

How can I make sure new viruses are being recognised?
Virus definitions are updated automatically several times a day. In order to always have the current definitions available, we advice to be connected to the Internet at least once a day. We monitor clients with an increased risk due to outdated virus definitions.

What happens if a virus wasn’t recognised?
If a virus does not yet have a matching virus definition, and if the attack is not detected by any of the general security mechanisms, a system can become infected. In such cases, please contact our support immediately for further assistance. In cooperation with the experts from Trend Micro we will check how the system can be cleaned. To prevent data loss under these and other circumstances, we advice to take frequent backups. You can e.g. use our Remote Backup product.

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