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On this page you'll find everything regarding our E-mail Archiving solution. Should you miss anything, please don't hesitate to contact our support directly. Alternatively you can send a support query via our website.

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Frequent questions & answers

Which e-mails are automatically archived?
All incoming and outgoing e-mails will be archived. Additionally, internal e-mails can be archived as well.
If you are using our product Hosted Exchange with the E-Mail Archiving, internal e-mails will be archived automatically.

What happens to archived e-mails if a mailbox is being deleted?
Archived e-mails remain in the archive for the specified duration regardless of the changes on the mail server. The used storage space will be subtracted from the remaining users.

Can I specify different durations e-mails should be kept in the archive for?
Yes, different durations can be specified separately per domain, in groups or for single users.

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