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On this page you'll find everything regarding our Hosted Exchange solution. Should you miss anything, please don't hesitate to contact our support directly. Alternatively you can send a support query via our website.

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In order to download and install Outlook, you must subscribe to an Outlook license for your mailbox. On the download-page login using your Exchange credentials (e-mail address and password).



  • Outlook for Windows – English
  • Outlook for Mac – English
  • Apple Mail, Contacts, Calendar – English
  • Mail for MAC – English
  • Smartphone & Tablet – English
  • POP3, IMAP, SMTP – English

Outlook Web App


  • Shared Mailbox – English
  • Data Import/Export – English

Frequent questions & answers

Why can’t I set up my account automatically?
The automatic set up using e-mail address and password requires a Standard or Enterprise account. Furthermore, the Autodiscover-settings must be configured correctly for your domain. Please verify that your credentials are correct – e.g. using Outlook Web App (OWA).

Can I configure e-mails forwards for my mailbox?
Yes, using our control panel you can configure e-mails send to your mailbox to be forwarded directly to another account or address. You can also choose to leave a copy of all messages in your mailbox.

What is the correct Exchange server address?
Kindly follow our manuals describing the setup steps for the different clients and devices. They contain all required details and steps.

Are e-mails checked for spam and viruses?
Yes, our Spam and Virus Filter is included with all Hosted Exchange mailboxes and e-mail addresses.

Are there size limitations for e-mails?
Yes, incoming and outgoing e-mails may not exceed a size of 250 MB. On Mac computers the e-mail size is limited to 100 MB. Most other mail servers have much lower size limitations. We therefor advice not to send such large e-mails.

Can I import data from another mailbox?
Yes. You can always import data to your mailbox via your e-mail client. After the import the data will be uploaded to our servers. We are providing a manual with the import/export steps for most common e-mail clients.

Can I create catch-all addresses?
No. The verification of existing e-mail addresses is an important part of our spam- and virus filters. Catch-all addresses would obliterate those mechanisms and lead to a much larger amount of spam. You can create an unlimited amount of e-mail address in our systems, e.g. to cover different ways of writing.

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