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On this page you'll find everything regarding our Owncloud solution. Should you miss anything, please don't hesitate to contact our support directly. Alternatively you can send a support query via our website.

Support Contact:    +49 461 404 810-20    support@(*** please remove ***)


You can download the OwnCloud client software from your OwnClouds web interface.
Click on your name in the upper right corner and then choose Personal from the menu. The different download links can be found at the top of the page.


Frequent questions & answers

Can I share data in my OwnCloud with others?
Yes. Files and folders can be shared directly with other OwnCloud users or via groups. You can also generate a special link, which can be used to share data with external users. When sharing data, you can choose whether the other users may only read or also change and delete data. Links for external users can be projected with a password and can be disabled automatically at a specified time.

Can I access my OwnCloud when offline?
Yes, if the OwnCloud client software is installed on your computer, all files will be stores on your computer and be available offline. Changes will be synchronised with the server as soon as you’re online again.

Must I download and store the entire OwnCloud on my computer?
No. In the OwnCloud client software you can choose which folders and subfolders to synchronise. The size of the different folders will be shown in the overview, so you e.g. can unselect large folders.

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