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On this page you'll find everything regarding our Spam and Virus Filter solution. Should you miss anything, please don't hesitate to contact our support directly. Alternatively you can send a support query via our website.

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  • Outlook Add-In (for Windows) – English

Frequent questions & answers

Which e-mails are checked for spam and viruses?
All incoming e-mails from external servers are checked. Also all outgoing e-mails are checked, to avoid any malicious e-mails from being send.

Which e-mails are being filtered by the spam & virus filter?
Through various filters e-mails and their attachments will be checked for spam, viruses and phishing. With special filter rules you can add additional individual filters and influence the final filter results.

What happens with filtered e-mails?
E-mails which were found to contain spam or viruses will be stored in a quarantine and kept there for up to three months. On such occasions you will receive spam report via e-mail, which informs about the filtered messages. Directly from the e-mail you can release a message from the quarantine simply by clicking on a link. The e-mail will be delivered to your mailbox right after.

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