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Our products are perfect in combination. We have put the most popular ones together as a comprehensive package for modern business communication. All services are provided through data centres in Germany, with maintenance fully rendered by us. Naturally all products are flexible and adaptable to your needs.

Start now and ease the burden on your IT department!

Benefits in detail

  • Modern e-mail communication and collaboration tools with Microsoft Exchange
  • Protection against unauthorised access, the loss of e-mails and outages
  • E-mail archiving up to 30 years in compliance with legal requirements
  • Protection against loss of your important data through intelligent data backup
  • Meeting of guidelines and compliance requirements
  • Integration of mobile devices
  • Certified German data centre
Skyfillers E-Mail Bundle - The benefits

Your benefits

Digital communication is easy but often not secure. What good is well protected data if it gets lost ‘along the way’? Our e-mail bundle combines all products you need to secure your e-mail traffic. Not only are you protected against unauthorised access and the loss of e-mails, you also get tools to improve collaboration and ways to implement your compliance guidelines. As demonstrated in their daily use by many of our customers, the individual products work together perfectly.

Overview of the bundle

Our e-mail bundle is based on Hosted Exchange. Exchange features a number of useful collaboration tools in addition to e-mail communication. Easily and effectively optimise your processes with shared contacts and tasks along with more comprehensive calendar tools. Security is ensured by our premium spam and virus filters along with e-mail encryption: These features protect you against harmful e-mails as well as against unauthorised access. And our e-mail archiving allows you to meet the applicable legal requirements and ensures that no e-mails are lost.

Contents in detail

Skyfillers e-mail archiving

E-mail Archiving

  • Audit-compliant archiving
  • Compliance with legal requirements
  • Easy administration
Skyfillers e-mail encryption

E-mail Encryption

  • Protection against unauthorised access
  • No administrative effort
  • Various encryption methods
Skyfillers Spam and Virus Filter

Spam and virus filter

  • Fully managed solution
  • 99.99% recognition rate
  • Extended management functions
Skyfillers Hosted Exchange

Hosted Exchange

  • Maximum flexibility
  • Secure hosting in Germany
  • No infrastructure & administration required
The contents of the Skyfillers e-mail bundle

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