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Secure on the net: The managed web filter service reliably blocks dangerous websites

Don’t worry about threats from the Internet: The web filter service from Skyfillers can be counted on to block dangerous websites. What’s more, the service makes it surprisingly easy to implement company guidelines for Internet usage.

Protection against undesirable data

Users and programs are constantly accessing the Internet. This can lead to situations in which harmful software and malware infiltrates company hardware unseen. A web filter service like the one offered by Skyfillers can remedy the situation by providing protection against unwanted files.

Protection against undesirable data with Skyfillers web filter
Compliance, transparency and control with Skyfillers web filter

Compliance, transparency and control

Not only do individual users access the Internet every day; a vast number of programs also access it automatically on a daily basis. The web filter service from Skyfillers enables companies to control and monitor this access in order to enforce companywide guidelines.

Easy administration

Our web filter requires little or no effort to install and manage. This leaves your administrators with more time to focus on their core tasks and projects. In addition, the web filter’s centralised web interface ensures that your company’s Internet traffic remains fully transparent, making your IT department’s job even easier.

Easy administration of Skyfillers web filter


How our web filter works

Benefits at a glance

  • Fully automated with no user intervention
  • Supports all browsers and operating systems
  • No hardware or software installation at the customer
  • Central system management by Skyfillers with 24/7/365 monitoring
  • Hosted in redundant, secure data centres in Germany
  • Can be deployed in centralised routers and firewalls
  • Can also be used on mobile devices

Features in detail

Webfilter FeaturesBenefits
User authentication via login, LDAP compare operation or static IP addressThe system can distinguish between users when logging entries or applying guidelines and settings.
Uncategorised web pages can be blocked categoricallyUnknown, potentially harmful webpages cannot be visited without being monitored.
Temporary release of websitesUsers can visit a blocked website for a specified period of time, enabling them to carry on working without delay. These releases are logged.
Data type recognition for downloads: monitoring of forbidden file downloadsDownloading of certain file types is prevented (for example, EXE or MP3 files). This reduces data traffic and increases IT security.
Automatic proxy configuration by means of an automatically updated configuration fileUpdates from Skyfillers and changes made by the administrator via the control panel are automatically stored in the configuration file. As a result, the client or browser always has access to the most recent configurations.
Scanning for virus signaturesDownloaded files are scanned automatically. This results in increased IT protection.
False categorisations are reported directly from the browserA fast, easy and efficient reporting mechanism allows the web filter to be adjusted and improved quickly.
Offers statistical analysisCan conduct a detailed evaluation of web traffic down to the user level.
Extensive URL databaseLists 450 million websites and six billion web pages in nearly 200 languages.
 100% coverage of the top one million websites worldwide. Instant post-classification of exotic web pages.
Import of generally valid whitelists; explicit whitelisting is also supportedAdministrators can configure the web filter individually to meet the needs of the company.
Easy release request managementFast, uncomplicated processing of release requests.

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