Skyfillers Spam and Virus Filter

Spam and Virus Filter

No spam, no viruses, no administrative effort, no worries

The benefit of a spam filter appears straightforward – no unwanted e-mails are received on your own mail server. Yet the Skyfillers spam and virus filter does much more. Key benefits at a glance:

Accessibility in case of failure

A false positive rate of less than 0.000015 per clean e-mail ensures that valid message end up in your inbox. If our customer’s mail server happens to be inaccessible, incoming e-mails are stored for up to seven days and automatically delivered when access is restored.

Accessibility in case of failure with Skyfillers spam and virus filter
Compliance, transparence & control with Skyfillers spam and virus filter

Compliance, transparency and control

Our spam filter allows companies to establish and monitor rules for the use of e-mail as a communication medium. This requires a high degree of transparency but also control. Skyfillers offers various tools to meet these requirements.

Clean traffic to your server

Outsourcing your spam and virus filter also unburdens your IT infrastructure: Spam, viruses, phishing e-mails and other malware are safely caught before they even reach your company’s IT system. The load on your firewalls is reduced and internal appliances with anti-spam and antivirus functionality can be disabled. Administrative effort is also reduced as a result.

No spam, viruses or malwaren reach you it system


How our spam and virus filter works

Benefits at a glance

  • Central management with 24/7/365 monitoring
  • No software, no hardware, no maintenance required
  • Fixed, predictable costs
  • Personal support without call centre
  • Operation in redundant, secure data centres in Germany
  • Intuitive web interface for you as the administrator and for your end users

Features in detail

Spam and virus filter featuresBenefits
Guaranteed 99.9 per cent spam detection, less than 0.00015 false positives per clean e-mailMarket-leading detection and filter rates, so only relevant e-mails end up in the user’s inbox. Time savings and protection against malware.
99.99 per cent guaranteed virus detection using five independent virus and phishing filtersRedundant security through independent, multiple filtering. Optimum protection against known and new malware.
Configurable content filter to spot unwanted attachmentsProtection against malware and enforcement of company policies.
Extensive statisticsOverview of actual e-mail traffic and spam filter effectiveness.
Central e-mail relay through the Skyfillers infrastructureFiltering of outgoing e-mails for spam and viruses. No uncontrolled sending of spam and viruses from the own mail server as a result.
Configurable e-mail size limitProtection against impairment of the mail server and e-mail traffic due to excessive data volume.
Encryption of data trafficEncryption of transmission between the Skyfillers e-mail processing systems and the customer e-mail system using TLS is possible. Prevention of unauthorised access to e-mail data by third parties during e-mail transmission over the Internet.
Advanced routing of e-mailsDelivery of e-mails to different mail servers, for example at various sites. Configurable for users, groups or domains.
Individual spam handlingAutomatic sending of a spam report to the user. Delivery of individual e-mails per mouse click directly from the report. This results in very low time requirements for quarantine processing.
SMTP status displayThe whereabouts of delivered e-mails are easier to verify with the message ID on the target server.
Bounce managementProtection against backscatter and bounce attacks.
Outgoing e-mail scanningInternal attacks through hacked mailboxes or malware are identified and isolated as well.

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