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Secure communication

We help you secure your digital communication

Digital communication is easy but often not secure. What good is well protected data if it gets lost ‘along the way’? We help you make your communication easy and secure.

Security and efficiency

Protecting business secrets

No matter how securely sensitive data is stored, if transmission is not secure there is still a risk that it may fall into the wrong hands. We help you protect your business secrets.

Communicating more efficiently

Structured communication is more than just a data security factor. Sophisticated tools and processes also improve the efficiency of your company. That is why we provide comprehensive consulting on the use of our services.

Typical challenges of today’s IT structures

  • Unencrypted e-mails: E-mails are sent with no encryption, putting business secrets at risk.
  • Private mobile devices:There are no guidelines and no overview of private devices on the company network.
  • Distributed server locations: The applicable data protection laws for the communication channels are not clear because some servers are located all over the world.

Encryption and related issues: Technology basis for secure communication

Handling e-mails and the use of private smartphones in the business environment are common weaknesses in communication security. We establish a technological basis for secure digital communication in these and other areas.

Encryption with Skyfillers
IT compliance with Skyfillers

Laws and guidelines: IT compliance through centralised management

We not only support you with meeting legal requirements, but also establish the necessary basic conditions for ideally implementing and controlling your processes and compliance guidelines. This is made possible by various management tools and the high usability of our services.

The solution: Flexible cloud services with a focus on security

We are familiar with the typical challenges of modern IT structures for communication. Talk to us. We can advise you and provide suitable solutions that work right out of the box. With our services, you can benefit from all the cloud advantages:

  • No capital commitment – clearly predictable costs
  • Software that is always current – updates included
  • Absolute flexibility thanks to short contract terms
  • Security under the German data protection law
Flexible cloud services from Skyfillers

Quality standard

In-depth know-how and high-quality hardware and software.+


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Vision and Mission

Business IT is a tool and not an end in itself.+

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