Skyfillers Antivirus


Flexible, simple and extremely powerful antivirus software from the cloud

Say goodbye to your own server and to time-wasting installations and updates on individual devices: Our antivirus solution offers outstanding virus recognition and practical auxiliary functions without imparting any administrative chores.

Easy administration

No work needs to be performed on the individual workstations after installation. Furthermore, the service is managed by us; we keep it operational and up to date. That leaves your administrators free to take care of more important matters.

Easy administration with Skyfillers Antivirus
The Complete virus protection is centrally controlled with Skyfillers Antivirus

For a range of devices

Protect more than just the computers themselves: Our antivirus solution also works on Android devices and on servers. Complete virus protection for your company is controlled centrally through a single solution, which significantly reduces the burden on administrators.

Expanded functions

Additional functions such as a URL filter, USB access restriction and integrated rights management provide you with additional security. At the same time, we help you determine who is authorised to do what at the user level, thereby reducing the risk of viruses or other malware compromising your IT structure.

Expanded functions for more security with Skyfillers Antivirus


How our antivirus solution works

Benefits at a glance

  • For PCs, Macs, servers, Android devices and USB drives.
  • Protection for external and mobile employees.
  • Special guidelines can be specified per device.
  • Also provides protection against phishing and social engineering attacks.
  • Prevents (inadvertent) transfer of business data via USB drives.
  • Easy setup on all clients through a universal link via e-mail
  • No server required, software updates and patches are applied automatically
  • Very low resource usage – minimal utilisation of the system
  • Filters URLs – restricts access to websites with inadequate content

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