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Secure Data

We make sure that your data is secure

In today’s business world, digital data is indispensable for any company. We not only help you comply with legal requirements, we also ensure the success of your business.

More than just data protection

Meeting legal requirements

Various laws regulate the handling of business data in Germany. We help you meet the legal requirements and avoid paying stiff fines.

Secure storage of sensitive data

We help you keep customer data, agreements, contracts, patents and so on secure so your sensitive data does not get compromised.

Typical challenges of today’s IT structures

  • No decentralised backup: There is no separate data backup, or only a solution in the own server room.
  • The Dropbox problem: Employees use Dropbox for sensitive data because in-house file management is not user friendly.
  • Unclear access rights: There are no central guidelines and overviews of who has access to what data.

Data access - Clear rules and technical security

The most important question when it comes to data security is: Who has access? Access rights and possibilities in the own company are just as important as the systems that are used. Unstructured data handling is a more common cause of data leaks than hackers and the like. That is why we not only support you with technically secure solutions but also with their purposeful implementation.

Data access in companies
Data loss is a big threat for companies

Data loss - Backups, archiving and intelligent management

For us, the possibility of data loss is part of data security. After all, what good is the best and most secure data management system if everything is centrally stored and a cable fire is sufficient to destroy all of your business data? An intelligent, decentralised backup structure provides the best insurance against data loss. We develop the perfect backup solution for you – combining safety and efficiency.

The solution: Flexible cloud service focused on security

We are familiar with the typical data security challenges of modern IT environments. Talk to us. We can advise you and provide suitable solutions that work right out of the box. With our services, you can benefit from all the cloud advantages:

  • No capital commitment – clearly predictable costs
  • Software that is always current – updates included
  • Absolute flexibility thanks to short contract terms
  • Security under the German data protection law

Quality standard

In-depth know-how and high-quality hardware and software.+


Secure, high-quality cloud services for various application areas.+

Vision and mission

Business IT is a tool and not an end in itself. +

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