Skyfillers e-mail Continuity

E-mail Continuity

The e-mail continuity service effectively protects your e-mail system against failure

Suddenly the e-mail system fails and e-mail cannot be received or sent. The continuity service is the stand-by contingency system for such an emergency. The solution runs in the background and keeps your e-mail traffic flowing in case of a failure.

High-availability e-mail traffic

Power failures, hard disc crashes or loss of network connectivity – there are many reasons why e-mail traffic can fail. Having alternative solutions that take over in case of emergency is important so no e-mails are lost and employees can continue to send and receive messages.

Effective protection against failures with Skyfillers e-mail continuity
Easy administration with Skyfillers e-mail continuity

Easy administration

The continuous availability of e-mail traffic can be set up in seconds with additional services like the Skyfillers continuity service. Separate administration is basically unnecessary since the service takes over automatically if the e-mail infrastructure should fail.

Easy to use

In case the e-mail server infrastructure fails, you want employees to continue working without interruption. Corresponding ease of use of the alternatives is therefore essential. The Skyfillers continuity service provides users with corresponding features.

Skyfillers e-mail continuity is easy to use.


How the Skyfillers continuity service works

Benefits at a glance

  • Complete access to all e-mails sent and received for a period of three months to ten years (with our e-mail archiving solution)
  • Data protection even in the event the entire company IT is lost, for example due to fire, theft or incorrect configuration
  • Guaranteed e-mail continuity ensured by at least three high-availability data centres around the clock: 24/7/365
  • Personal support with no call centre
  • No hardware and software costs

Features in detail

E-mail Continuity FeaturesBenefits
Immediate activation via automatic routine, web or telephoneSwitching to the e-mail continuity service in seconds means no lost time or disruption of the communication channel.
Full restoration of all e-mails sent and received during the failureNo loss of possibly mission-critical messages.
Access to stored e-mails via Outlook pluginAccess to saved e-mails even during downtime of the own mail server, directly from Outlook.
POP3 mailbox if the own mail server failsAll e-mails are available even when the internal e-mail infrastructure fails. Access to POP3 mailbox through e-mail client.
Webmailer as alternative e-mail front endGuaranteed high availability of all e-mails.
Comprehensive search function: Either as full text search or according to certain criteria (date, sender, recipient, subject, attachments and so on)Easy, precise and fast search feature to find the desired data quickly.
Individual selection of users possibleFailsafe e-mail communication can be guaranteed for the most important users in a company.

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