Skyfillers Hosted Exchange

Hosted Exchange

Optimum communication and collaboration from Exchange experts

Tailor-made solution for large and small companies: Use the full functionality of Microsoft Exchange, freely scalable with no administrative effort.

Teamwork made easy

Schedule appointments, assign tasks, see the appointments of colleagues – all of this simplifies teamwork and reduces administrative and coordination effort. Focus on your core tasks instead of wasting time with organisational chores.

Teamwork made easy with Skyfillers Hosted Exchange
Skyfillers Hosted Excahnge is tailored to you needs

As unique as your company

Our Hosted Exchange service is tailored to your requirements: From storage space requirements to Outlook licenses to expanded functionality, you receive a solution tailored to the needs of your company. A control panel enables easy account administration and provides all common Exchange functions in case of subsequent changes.

Easy migration and cost reduction

Your existing Exchange accounts are easy to migrate in a timely manner without disrupting your work. The bottom-line cost savings will excite you: In contrast to an in-house solution, the setup and maintenance of your own technology infrastructure in the company is eliminated.

Cost reduction with Skyfillers Hosted Exchange


How Skyfillers Hosted Exchange works

Benefits at a glance

  • Freely scalable at any time
  • Legal certainty thanks to data centres based in Germany
  • Professional and secure infrastructure with multiple redundant server and storage solutions
  • Control panel for easy account setup and administration as well as all common Exchange functions
  • Support and advice from an expert team with in-depth Exchange know-how

Rates and versions

Outlook web app (web mail access)
Compatible with all common e-mail clients
Synchronisation with Outlook (e-mail, calendar, contacts, tasks and so on)¹
Synchronisation with Apple Mail, calendar, address book²
Shared folders (such as calendars, tasks and so on)
Out-of-office message³
Mobile devices (ActiveSync, Exchange push messages)

¹ E-mail only
² E-mail only with mail app
³ Only via Outlook web app or control panel

Features in detail

Hosted Exchange featuresBenefits
Individually adaptable and scalable at any timeSkyfillers Hosted Exchange adapts to your company.
Administration and software updates by SkyfillersNo administrative effort with full Exchange functionality. Updates and version upgrades are installed after extensive testing.
Control panel for the management of mailboxes, rights, distribution lists, forwarding and moreFull control over your own Exchange structure.
Redundant storage on at least two servers – guaranteed retention of daily backups for 14 daysComprehensive backups make data loss virtually impossible.
Deleted elements are retained for 90 days and can be restored directly and free of charge via Outlook or Outlook web appEven elements deleted accidentally can be restored without problems.
Support for all common mobile devices (smartphones, tablets – iOS, Windows Phone, Android, BlackBerry and more)Your employees also have mobile access to everything they need.
External applications can be integrated via Exchange Web Services (EWS) – for instance CRM, ERP systemsSkyfillers Hosted Exchange is individually adapted to your requirements.
Maximum e-mail size 250 MB (100 MB on Mac)Sending and receiving e-mails with large attachments is no problem.
Optional e-mail made in Germany (EmiG)EmiG can be implemented for added security.

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