Skyfillers Remote desktop

Remote Desktop

Efficient IT structures and device-independent operations

The individual infrastructure solution for your IT: We keep your IT structures extremely efficient thanks to customised virtualisation, which includes all the software you need.

Efficient IT

A homogeneous IT environment, centralised management, location-independent work on a range of devices, from desktop PCs and thin clients to tablets – these are just a few of the reasons to go with a terminal solution like our remote desktop. When correctly implemented, it can generate significant savings for your IT structure.

Efficient IT environment & location-independent work
Individual configuration of Skyfillers Remote desktop

Individual configuration

Skyfillers remote desktop is always configured to meet your requirements. We take exactly the programs your employees need, whether MS Office, bookkeeping or ERP, and integrate them into your remote desktop solution. And of course we begin by making sure that all the technical requirements are met, so that everything runs smoothly.

Partner with experience

Because we have run our own hosting platform for years, we possess in-depth expertise regarding server structures and virtualisation. You benefit from this expertise not only when setting up your individual remote desktop solution, but also in the form of ongoing technical support.

Skyfillers as a experienced Partner


How our remote desktop works

Benefits at a glance

  • A server system offering high availability and peak performance
  • Scalable and individually adaptable at all times
  • Hosted in highly secure German data centres
  • Supports PC, Mac and all popular tablets
  • Savings on hardware purchases thanks to thin clients
  • Managed services from Skyfillers provide full maintenance of the systems
  • Server maintenance can also be conducted by current IT partners
  • Additional protection possible via VPN connection

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