Skyfillers E-Mail Archiving

E-Mail Archiving

E-mail archiving and compliance with legal requirements

Audit-compliant e-mail archiving with no administrative effort and very easy data access – Skyfillers e-mail archiving makes it possible. Various legal requirements are met when employing the solution.

Compliance, transparency and control

Business e-mail is subject to the same legal requirements as traditional mail. It needs to be retained and available for a certain period of time, and an auditor must be able to access e-mails at any time.

Transparency thorugh Skyfillers e-mail archiving
Easy retrieval of archived e-mails

Easy e-mail retrieval

Maintaining an overview of the daily flood of e-mails can be difficult. Good search algorithms are essential in order to easily find messages and deliver them again. However, this also requires parameters that allow users to search with greater precision by limiting the results.

Easy administration

Skyfillers e-mail archiving can be managed with just a few clicks – for anything from the configuration of compliance rules to basic settings regarding the retention period. This effectively helps IT staff save time and reduce costs since archiving company e-mails is handled for them.

Easy Administration of the Skyfillers e-mail archive


How Skyfillers e-mail archiving works

Benefits at a glance

  • 100 per cent archiving of all incoming and outgoing e-mails for up to 30 years
  • Fully automated with no user intervention
  • Compliance with legal requirements (including GoBD and BDSG)
  • Operation in redundant, secure and certified data centres in Germany
  • Central system management by Skyfillers with 24/7/365 monitoring
  • Fixed, predictable costs
  • Personal support with no call centre
  • No hardware or software installation at the customer

Features in detail

E-Mail archive featuresBenefits
Three physically separate, independent data storesTwo online data stores and an offline backup on tape ensure redundant security if one or two systems should fail. This guarantees high availability of the archived e-mails.
Encryption of the transmission path between the archive and mail server using TLS (if supported by the mail server)Protection against data modification during transmission. Implemented using TLS if supported by the mail server.
Exclusion of specific users from archiving (works council, for instance)Compliance with data protection guidelines.
Flagging of private e-mails by the userProtection of personal e-mails from access by auditors, who can only see the subject line.
E-mail storage in the original, unchanged and not modifiableCompliance with archiving requirements.
Comprehensive language supportControl panel available in seventeen languages; additional languages can be implemented quickly.
Service level agreement (SLA), for instance, 99.9 per cent availabilityService level agreement ensures high quality and allows for reliable planning.
Company based in Germany, contract under German law, data centres located in GermanyLegal certainty for companies.
Different retention periods are supportedArchiving from six months to 30 years. This ensures compliance with data protection requirements for various BUs or industries.
Available as a managed appliance (from a certain number of users)Locally installed appliance, management from the Skyfillers cloud. No redirection of data traffic.
Archiving of internal e-mail is supportedAudit-compliant storage of archived internal e-mails immediately upon archiving. Accessible and searchable like incoming and outgoing e-mails.

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