Skyfillers E-mail Encryption

E-mail Encryption

Secure e-mail communication – easy and fully automated with Skyfillers

As secure e-mail communication continues to gain importance, ease of administration and use must not be ignored. The Skyfillers encryption service delivers both.

Easy to use

Using encryption technologies has not become commonplace yet because they tend to be difficult to implement and are often associated with significant administrative effort for users or IT personnel. With the cloud-based Skyfillers encryption technology, the end user does not have to take any special action whatsoever.

Secure e-mail communication with Skyfillers e-mail encryption
Transparency and control with Skyfillers e-mail encryption

Compliance, transparency and control

Implementing e-mail encryption in a company also means centrally establishing the required rules and guidelines while always maintaining an overview of all encrypted e-mail traffic. Our tool provides a comprehensive control panel for e-mail encryption.

Easy administration

Skyfillers provides IT administrators with numerous options for easily implementing and managing the encryption of e-mail traffic, such as handling user certificates and the individual adaptation of encryption guidelines.

Easy administration with Skyfillers e-mail encryption


How Skyfillers e-mail encryption works

Benefits at a glance

  • Fully automated with no user intervention
  • Support for all browsers, operating systems, mail clients and devices
  • No hardware or software installation at the customer
  • Central system management by Skyfillers with 24/7/365 monitoring and personal support by e-mail and telephone
  • Operation in redundant, secure and certified data centres in Germany

Features in detail

Encryption featuresBenefits
Personal e-mail certificates for digital signing and encryptionSkyfillers uses 2048-bit encoded certificates from one of the largest, most reputable certificate authorities. This makes the exchange of encrypted data with third parties easier.
Automatic certificate managementNo effort for the procurement and installation of the required certificates – this is handled by Skyfillers.
Fully automated digital signing and encryption of outgoing e-mails using S/MIME and PGPProtection of e-mails against unauthorised changes and third-party access during transmission over public networks (Internet).
Automatic decryption of incoming e-mailsIf the sender’s public key is available, e-mails are automatically decrypted and delivered to the recipient.
Automatic key storage in a certificate storeEasy key management with no intervention by administrators or users.
Individual setup of encryption guidelinesClients can decide whether e-mails are encrypted or not prior to sending and how to proceed if the recipient’s key is not available.
Ability to test the encryption capabilityReview of the encryption options of communication partners through the control panel.
Easy ordering of certificatesOrdering new certificates takes very little time: When new certificates are required, this is done through the control panel – also as a ‘subscription’.

Forcing encryption with Websafe

Individual safeguarding of confidential e-mail traffic with specific communication partners.

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